Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cucumbers?

Yes, guinea pigs are able to eat cucumbers and every part of the cucumber is good for the guinea pig.

Cucumbers are not often fed to guinea pigs as they aren’t the best source of nutrients compared to other options.

Read on below what parts of the cucumber are best, how much is too much and the benefits guinea pigs can get from cucumbers.

guinea pig eating a cucumber

Are Cucumbers Safe for Guinea Pigs?

Yes, cucumbers are safe for adult guinea pigs. You should be careful feeding newborn or baby guinea pigs less than 12-16 weeks of age cucumbers and try to limit how much cucumber you give your guinea pig.

Too much cucumber can give your guinea pig an upset stomach or diarrhea due to the high water content.

Guinea pigs can eat the skin, flesh and seeds of a cucumber.

If you feed your guinea pig cucumber and are seeing any signs of a health problem in your guinea pigs, such as diarrhea or scurvy you should speak with your vet immediately.

Benefits of Cucumbers for Guinea Pigs

Even though cucumbers aren’t the best option for your guinea pig, they do offer some important nutrients your guinea pig needs, most notable vitamin C.

Cucumbers are packed with vitamin C compared to other vegetables but that’s about where their benefits stop. The high amounts of water can help keep your guinea pig hydrated, especially if it’s warmer out during summer.

Since Guinea pigs are unable to produce most vitamins, such as vitamin C, and rely on their diet to fulfill these needs. Cucumbers can be a great source of vitamin C if you don’t have other fruit or veggie options.

Hazards to Feeding Guinea Pigs Cucumbers

The biggest worry with cucumbers and guinea pigs is the high amounts of water in the vegetable. Too much water and your guinea pig can end up with diarrhea.

There are no other hazards to feeding guinea pigs cucumbers as a snack. You’ll want to monitor their intake and not have the cucumber be a large part of their diet to avoid potential health issues.

When Can Guinea Pigs Start Eating Cucumbers?

You should avoid feeding cucumbers to newborn or baby guinea pigs until they are at least 12 weeks old. Cucumbers can cause a choking hazard and sometimes the skin may give them trouble trying to chew it.

As a newborn guinea pig they should only be eating hay, pellets and drinking their mother’s milk. If your guinea pig is older you can start to feed them pieces of cucumbers to help supplement their vitamin C but you’re likely better off looking at other fruits and vegetable options.

Recommended Serving Sizes & Methods

Some pet owners will leave an entire cucumber in the guinea pig’s enclosure and allow them to chew on it throughout the day. Keep an eye on your guinea pig as they may have trouble breaking through the skin.

If your guinea pig is having trouble eating the skin you should cut the cucumber into cubes, use a spiralizer or put the pieces in toys for them to suck on for water.

If your guinea pig starts acting abnormal or gets diarrhea after eating cucumbers you will want to monitor and make sure it doesn’t get worse. If it lasts beyond a normal time period you should speak to your vet.